Lake Erie Walleye Factory Fishing

Lake Erie is literally a walleye factory and has been widely given the title “walleye capitol of the world”. The warm, shallow, murky waters make it the perfect habitat for producing record sized walleye. One of the best areas to catch Lake Erie walleye is in Ohio. In the spring the river mouths of the Maumee and Sandusky are very productive. Most anglers troll with crankbaits or worm harnesses and both methods produce very good catches of Lake Erie walleye. Another walleye hotspot is Fairport Harbor, the waters here are strewn with rocks and boulders that attract the baitfish and provide forage for the walleye. Most productive technique seems to be trolling, although jigging can also produce some good catches. In summer, walleye move deeper in the area of Port Clinton. Fish in excess of 10lbs are not uncommon in this area, although the average Lake Erie walleye is 5-7 lbs. In winter, the points of Catawba Island, Crane Creek State Park and the Magee March Wildlife area are the most popular.


In Pennsylvania , the main areas where anglers target walleye is around Presque Isle and North East Marina. Although, Lake Erie is a big lake and depending on the season and forage base, the walleye will migrate to and from the central basin. In fall, Lake Erie walleye have been know to congregate in Huron and Vermilion. An area that is productive one week, may be void of fish another. Best techniques in these areas are the same, with trolling being the staple. Trolling is done with deep diving crankbaits, spoons, dipsy divers and worm harnesses. When the lake is calm, jigging or casting crankbaits or spinners over shallow reefs can be deadly.

Lake Erie walleye fishing in Michigan can be excellent. The well known hotspots include, Sterling State Park , Bolles Harbor near Monroe and Luna Pier. The hot time seems to be the spring in May and June during post-spawn, since the walleye are very aggressive and hungry after their energy expenditure. Once again the best techniques for hooking these walleye is trolling, with deep diving stick baits producing the most action.

In Ontario , walleye action is best in the areas of Long Point, Rondeau and Point Pelee. Trolling worm harnesses with bottom bouncers or off dipsy divers can be deadly especially when the walleye are schooled. Colours that seem to produce good catches, include chartreuse, purple, and blue. As always experiment with colour and lures sizes to match the forage in a given area for best success. If you haven’t given it a try, what are you waiting for? Visit Lake Erie and catch a trophy walleye! While going for walleye fishing with the help of fishing services like the Lake Erie fishing charters, it is important to follow some useful tips as well:

Using a light line
It is always advised to use a light line while fishing for walleye. This is because while doing so, you will experience less resistance and drag when you use a lure. Moreover, this would make the walleye to suck in more easily, which would prevent you from getting a short strike.

Never use man made jigs
It is often said that walleye can easily detect the scent of man made jigs or bait. So, avoid using these as they can make you leave empty handed in the end.

So, you need to consider these useful tips while going for walleye fishing the next time. As mentioned earlier, seeking the services of a top fishing charter like Lake Erie fishing charters is also essential to make your activity a fruitful one.

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Marine Vector Maps APP

ipad_airGPS Nautical Charts’, the leader in marine & lakes cartography have announced the availability of their updated marine vector maps app for both iOS and Android devices.

You can download and evaluate the software directly from Google Play as well as App Store.

Google Play link for Marine & Lakes Vector Maps
Download link for marine & lake vector maps iOS

Marine & Lakes coverage
• USA: The US maps includes coverage for entire coast of US, major inland rivers and 7000+ inland lakes. This includes HD contours (1ft / 3ft contour cartography) for popular inland lakes (Lake Barkley, Guntersville Lake, Minnesota Lakes etc.).
• Canada & USA: For those sailing across Canada & US, maps provide a seamless coverage across the border. This also includes coverage of the Trent Severn Waterway and most popular lakes in Ontario.
Worldwide marine charts coverage: Maps coverage includes coastal waters of several European countries, with more comin

nexus9_android_tabletWhat’s new in this release?

The latest update uses built in GPU to render marine and vector lakes maps. The hardware acceleration allows the app to have high frame rates (60+ fps).

Main features of the new i-Boating client for are:

• Native GPU acceleration: Native GPU rendering is available on all architectures (ARM, Intel & MIPS) – both 32 bit and 64 bit variants
• Rotate maps using gestures
• Text stays upright on rotation.
• Change depth units (ft, metre fathom)
• Seamless maps
• HD contours
• Hybrid renderer
Route Editing
Auto Follow
Track Recording
Route Assistance with voice prompts
Tides & Currents