Wedding Ideas for the Outdoorsman (and Outdoorswoman)

camo wedding

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Many people are fascinated by the outdoors, they are a great open environment which gets you away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. You can be free from your phone and commitment. This makes the outdoors a great place to be wed as you can focus on each other and the memory. Here are some great wedding ideas for the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman in you.

Wedding Locations

There are many great wedding locations for an outdoorsman’s wedding. Anywhere that is away from the city and large amounts of people can be a great place to get married. Being scenic provides a more romantic experience and more beautiful surroundings.
One of the best locations for an outdoorsman’s wedding is a national forest or national park. If you talk with the local park rangers or contact the national park service you can usually arrange to hold events in national parks and forests. These locations are very scenic and will usually have no running water or power. You will have to bring in all of your entertainment, food, and drink.

Another location for an outdoorsman’s wedding is a log cabin. If you do not have your own cabin don’t worry. There are many websites that you can go to to rent cabins. Some state and nation park websites even offer cabins at their locations. Most of these cabins are remote and you will need to plan to bring at least food and drinks to the location. Finding a person to marry you may also require a bit of work as they will have to travel.

shotgun shell center pieces

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Decorations and Accessories

There are many different ways to add a flair of the outdoorsperson to your wedding’s decorations and accessories. In bouquets add a pink (or appropriate color) spent shotgun shell. This will add a little bit of a flair and you will have fun spending the shells to place in them.
Create a base for your cake out of antlers. This will lift your cake off the table showing it off more but it will also add an extra level of decoration to your cake.

There are many websites that you can order custom cups and/or glasses. Find a customization website that you like and order glasses with designs from the outdoors such as animals, antlers, trees, and flowers. These will go well with the tables after the wedding.
Bowties. Every gentleman needs a bowtie, they are a sign of elegance and sophistication. Contrary to popular belief outdoorspeople can be sophisticated too. Select bowties for the groom and his party that have an outdoor theme. Think camouflage or animal hide/leather or even an American flag.

Camouflage clothing can also help add to the outdoors theme. You can have a tailor create both a tuxedo and dress out of matching camouflage so that when the bride and the groom finally come together and kiss they will blend in with each other.

Outdoorspeople Camo Wedding Rings

camo wedding ringAre you looking to add an element of the outdoors to your wedding rings? Getting wedding rings that show an element of the outdoors will not only show your commitment to each other but a commitment to a hobby that you both enjoy.

Camouflage wedding rings are a good way to show your inner outdoors person. Just don’t take it off in the woods. Camo wedding rings can be found on the internet and at stores. They come in a wide variety of patterns such as Real Tree or Mossy Oak.

Tungsten wedding rings are also a great option because they set you aside from other wedding rings. The tungsten wedding ring is also more subdued and won’t reflect as easily when you are out in the woods hunting or camping.


Have fun with your outdoorsperson wedding and don’t forget the beer!

Stabilizing Your Shot With A Bipod

AR bipodHumans tend to move a lot, even when we don’t think we are. Every time we breathe parts of our body move as part of the breathing process. Our heart beat is one of the smallest moves in our body but it still moves us slightly. Even blinking is a form of movement. Why is knowing our movement important? Because every little movement can throw your shot off. Sure you can practice controlled breathing and timing your heart rate to help make your shot more accurate but what else can you do?

You can shoot using a bipod. Bipods are an underrated tool for law enforcement, competitive shooters, and hunters alike. Bipods allow you to better control your gun when shooting. It helps you stabilize your gun by pressing against a surface. Bipods can be found for almost any rifle, including ARs. There are tons of manufactures, some super cheap and others much better quality. I always suggest staying with quality like a Harris Bipod.

There are two main shooting positions with a bipod. The first is the most obvious, the prone position. The easiest position to shoot from is the prone position because your body is more stabilized and most of your involuntary movement is negated. A lot of ranges will not allow you to shoot from the prone position though because of the potential hazards of having to stand up with a potentially loaded firearm. Instead rifle ranges will have seats to sit at and platforms to place your bipod on. No matter which position you shoot from shooting with a bipod is a much easier option.

Harris Bipods has options for almost any type of rifle that you would want to put a bipod on. The most common option for mounting a bipod on your gun is with a rail system. With a rail system you can attach the bipod on simply by sliding the bipod on and fastening it to one of the sections on the rail system. For guns without rail systems Harris makes adapters for rifles to be able to attach and remove the bipod.

Harris Bipods has amazing new solutions for gun owners. With a typical bipod whenever you want to aim at a target that is in a different direction you would have to pick the whole rifle up and move it, sometimes moving your body in the process. Harris Bipods makes bipod adapters that will enable your bipod to be able to truly rotate. That means that you can swivel your gun around without picking it up and without moving your body.

The more traditional bipod made by Harris Bipod, the Series “M” will make it easier for anyone who is hunting or in a law enforcement position and needs to rapidly set up their rifle. The Series “M” bipod is spring loaded so that it can be deployed rapidly. With the push of a button you can drop your bipod and stabilize your rifle if you have to take a quick shot.

If you are someone who is truly interested in having the most accurate shot possible consider getting a bipod for your rifle. Harris Bipod is a great source for rifles whether they be an AR style or not. They also have adapters for shotgun magazine tubes to be able to mount a bipod on your Remington shotgun. Support for more shotguns is on the way too.

Backpack Camping- Plan Ahead with the Right Gear

backpack camping

Many people have gone camping before. It is one of America’s oldest pastimes. Camping is a way for you to get away from civilization and become one with nature. Unfortunately we haven’t all had the chance to experience it growing up. Today we have put together a guide for someone who is looking to go backpacking for the first time. Backpack camping is a style of camping where one goes into the wilderness and travels a trail with only what they have in their pack.

The first step you should take when you decide that you want to go backpacking is to research where you want to go. There are many different places to go backpacking around the world. The most enjoyable places are those that you can venture without running into any towns or cities so that you are truly at one with nature. Whenever you go backpack camping it is best to bring a buddy, that way you are never alone if something were to happen.

After you know where you are going to go it is important to pick a trail and map it out. This way you will know where you are going and it will be harder to get lost. Now that you have your trip planned out you need to make a copy of your trip plans so that someone knows where you are going. This is critical in case you were to get lost or injured search and rescue would know where to start looking for you. Most places that you go backpacking you will not get cell reception.

Equipment is a necessary part to going backpacking. There are a lot of things that you are going to need to think about since you will be carrying everything you will need for your trip. While some trips may only be a few days some people take backpacking trips that take multiple weeks so it is important to also plan your equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the most important equipment that you will need.

kando-backpack-tent-concept-1Photo by

Sleeping Gear
When you are backpack camping you will always want to have some sort of gear for sleeping. Even if the forecast for your trip says it will be ninety degrees everyday all day the weather can change and if it rains at night you are going to want something to cover yourself. You have three main options: a tent, a hammock, or an emergency shelter. A tent will provide you complete coverage but takes a while to setup and can take up a decent amount of room. A hammock hangs from two trees and gets you off the ground so that water won’t flood you at night. An emergency shelter is a simple tent or bivouac that you setup only when you need it. Each different sleeping arrangement has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Food and Water
You are going to need sufficient food and water for your trip. There are many different options you can bring that will keep you nourished during the trip. You simply need to look up recipes and recommendations from regular backpackers. For water you should carry as much water as you can comfortably carry in with you. In addition to that water you should have some way to purify water such as a water pump. Water purification tablets that use iodine can have health complications if you take them continuously (more than a week or two). Water and food are both important so make sure that you plan to bring plenty of it. When you stop for the night it is important to store your food somewhere that the wildlife cannot access it. Putting it in a tree or putting it in a seal tight container and at the bottom of the water are two popular options.

Emergency Gear
When you are out in the wilderness it is important that you carry a minimum amount of emergency gear to be able to provide help to yourself should you get lost, injured, or stranded. These items are just a few of the things that you should carry with you at all times when out in the wilderness. Emergency food supplies should be kept in the form of either an MRE or pre-packed emergency stuffs, both of these options are small and light weight. A first aid kit should be with you too and if you are serious about backpacking you should consider taking a wilderness first aid course. There are several options out there. A knife should be kept with your emergency supplies so that you can cut anything that you might need to. Duct tape can also be extremely helpful should you get a wound or need to repair something.

Now that you know some of the basics of backpacking you have an idea of where to start. When you are looking for equipment there is a simple option, you can find plenty of camping gear online. If you purchase any equipment before you go on a trip you should familiarize yourself with it in your backyard or home so that you are not trying to figure out how it works while out on a trip.

Most Important Camping Gadgets Every Camper Must Have

bf261_aToys are the most fascinating thing when it comes to my personal opinion about camping. From trail bikes to four wheeled drives, from camping in storms to camping at the beach, all hiking trips usually involve at least one or more gadgets of some sort. Gadgets are the thing which makes such trips much easier and worth enjoying.

If you are really thinking that you should go against the wild without anything, you must consider your opinion again.

“Man vs. Wild” season fans usually complain that during such trips, one must not have any gadgets to help them, instead they should face the wild all by themselves. But, have you ever seen the Bear Gryll’s famous season? Have not you seen him using that very cool survival kit with survival knife for helping him out? There are at least 5 cool gadgets, that I must classify as being important to an extent that they can be called ‘essential’ or ‘must-haves’ during any camping or hiking trip.

we10_aGPS is one of the most important technology you must have used gazillion times during your trips, or maybe fire without lighting up matches, cooking using titanium materials, or even used Outdoor High Power LED Headlamps. Some people won’t count them to be the ‘gadgets’ but they actually are different gadgets everyone uses.

Everything is becoming intelligent and electronic, and most people spend more than 75 hours during one week in front of screen maybe it of computer or smartphone, for sake of work or just entertainment. This is of course unhealthy way of living. But this can be countered by going to camping trips, which are not only fun but also relaxes mind.

While going out in wild, priority must be to keep yourself safe. This is where gadgets come into play. They can make your trip much safer than if you weren’t having them. I usually keep my most useful electronic gadgetry with me. Below I am telling you some tools I usually keep with me during such trips.

LED Torch Flashlights–Yea, true, they don’t need additional batteries for operation and produce light most efficiently. This removes extra load of batteries you might have to pick during trip.

zm56_aSolar recharger –Electronic devices run out of power pretty soon, to counter this problem, a recharger operating using solar energy is a must-have in my opinion. 4-6 hours of sunlight is enough for charging anything up.

Night vision mono scope –For watching out here and there at night, it’s pretty handy to get one cheap version of mono scope, for having fun, you don’t need to have super expensive special ops version. Simple version would work pretty well.

Survival knife –From cutting an apple to getting out safely from zombie apocalypse, it works just about everywhere.
First aid kit –For getting first aid in case of emergency, this is certainly must have for all adventurists.

This is my list of tools, yours can be different based upon your personal tastes about camping. But keeping technology around yourself during such trips is really helpful.

Lobstering in the Florida Keys

Lobstering is one of the many popular water activities in Key West. How many places are there where you can jump in shallow, warm and clear water and swim around and catch lobster for dinner? Not very many in the United States.

What are the Regulations?

Lobstering in Key West is seasonal. There is a open season on lobsters and it runs from Aug. 6 – March 31st every year. In this time period you can take 6 lobsters a day per licensed person. You have to have a fishing license with a lobster stamp in order to take lobsters. The fines are pretty high so make sure you know all the rules.

What is Lobster Mini Season?

Before regular season starts there is a mini sport season. This is two days where only recreational divers can catch lobsters. It’s before the lobster traps go into the water so the lobsters have had all the closed season to stack up. This is when lobstering is easiest and everyone can catch lobsters.

This is also when some people go overboard and don’t follow the rules and take more lobster then they are supposed to. The marine patrol knows this and they are out in force on those two days checking people’s licenses and to see if they have too many lobsters.

You also must keep your lobster whole until you get to the shore. Taking the tail off a lobster is a big fine as well. You will also have to look out for egg bearing females. These need to be released immediately.

How About Chartering a Boat for Lobster Mini Season?

Many people bring their own boats down for the two days, but there are also many lobster charters available by local captains. The advantage in this, is that these guys live here and will often know right where to go to the get lobsters and no wandering around.

Pretty much all the dive boats and many of the fishing boats will do lobster charters that time of year. But keep in mind there is a huge influx of visitors trying to get lobsters on sport season so it still might be hard to find a boat.

What’s the Right Gear for Lobstering?

Most of these boats will have nets and tickle sticks for you to use. If you are bringing your own boat you will need to purchase this stuff on your own. Even if you go on a charter I recommend you buy your own mask and fins. Getting a mask that fits right will make or break your day. Getting comfortable fins is like getting comfortable shoes. Sure you can wear uncomfortable shoes but you are not going to want to walk far in them. Same holds true in swimming and fins.

Lobsters have to be 3 inches long on the back of their shell. There will be many lobsters out there that will be a quarter inch too short. You MUST have a lobster gauge and measure your lobsters in the water when you catch them. These gauges will be sold to you along with your net and tickle stick. Make sure you have the gauge with you. Like I said earlier marine patrol is out in force when the lobster diving is hot.

Ben Shep

Why Key West Should Be Your Next Saltwater Fishing Destination

Red Snapper

Red Snapper caught aboard the Cool Cast.

If you’ve only ever tried freshwater fishing, casting a line in saltwater may seem like a different kettle of fish (no pun intended) altogether. But the real excitement comes from your choice of location. Even if it’s just a game of catch and release, the higher your chances of catching the big ones can make all the difference. Well, there’s no better location than the Key West in the U.S.

Florida has always been one of the great fishing destinations in the world, and the Key West is very much among the most popular playgrounds for all types of anglers, —  with all the fish they catch you’re almost sure to go beyond the bag limit. So it really doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an expert angler, you are sure to have fun when saltwater fishing in the Key West. And because there are plenty of professionals, the beginning angler is sure to find a good teacher, and the seasoned angler will have no problem finding a captain to suit any requirement.

With its abundance of marine life and perennial warm weather, fishing is a year-round affair, too!  Depending on where you cast your line or troll your bait, you will catch tarpon, snapper, grouper, shark, tuna, marlin, and myriad of other species. Head out to the flats and channels that run through the backcountry keys and cast your fly for tarpon, permit or bonefish. On the reef or in the backcountry, fish for mangrove and mutton snapper, or show off that killer grouper jig you made on a wreck.

What is even better is that there is other nearby fishing grounds that you can explore. Because the island shares part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, you can venture further and take saltwater fishing to the next level. Check out wrecks and find species that are only present for a particular time of year or season, such as migrating wahoo, sailfish, kingfish and cobia. Steer your boat near the Gulf Stream for some pelagic action. Six miles into the Atlantic is a reef line that provides world-class fishing. If you venture further to what is called the End of the Bar, a bar that is part of a submerged reef, you can indulge in live baiting tuna and wahoo.

Head west for the less traveled areas of the Marquesas and the Dry Tortugas and the Marquesas. Since both locations are fishing destinations that anglers from all over the world dream of fishing in, you should check them out, regardless of how far you need to go to get there. In Marquesas, in particular, you can go channel and flats fishing.

head boat

Party or head boats are a terrific and affordable way to experience Key West fishing.

But saltwater fishing is just one of the many things you can indulge in when in the Key West. There are plenty of other activities you can do, including diving for lobster, sailing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and every imaginable water sport!

Key West also has world class watering holes, and restaurants to make your mouth water for more. Land based attractions include elegant Victorian and mid 19th century homes, including the residence of Fishing and Sportsman Legend Ernest Hemingway, a museum devoted to treasure hunting, a Butterfly museum and a nightly show of creative artisans and acrobatic wonders at Mallory Square where sunset is celebrated every day.

So, when you’re not fishing – or if you are leaving the family ashore, you’re certain that a good time will be had by all.

Find every type of charter – from flats guides, to offshore charters, light tackle boats to party boats – no matter what fish species you want to target or what style of fishing you prefer, Charter Boat Row has a captain to suit your needs:

manatee at the docks

The manatee (or sea cow) is a popular visitor on Charter Boat Row.

The docks are also one of Key West’s great “free attractions.” Even if you’re not fishing, visiting in the afternoon as the charterboats arrive with their catch of the day is highly entertaining. Not only will you see the fish that’s been hooked that day, you are likely to see tarpon angling for a treat, pelicans gawking for their share, and maybe even a manatee trolling for a drink from a freshwater hose.

Historic Charter Boat Row is located at Garrison Bight at 1801 North Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida.

Finding the Best Compound Bow

Finding the best compound bow for the upcoming hunting season can be tough, there are so many options out there these days, a lot of people do not know where to start.

One of the problems that a lot of people run into these days is simply buying a bow based off of the price, this is a huge mistake in my eyes. I have seen countless people buy a bow just because it was cheap or because it was expensive, therefore they assumed it was the best compound bow for the money.

If you really want to find the best compound bow this season, it is going to take some work. However, there are a few things you should be looking for when it comes to purchasing your bow this season.

Brand Name
This may sound a little consumerist, but it is true. If you really want to find the best bow for you, you should start looking at the brand name more. Companies such as Matthews and Diamond make sure that before they slap their name on anything, it is the best product they can possibly make.

You want to stay away from purchasing bows that do not have a good brand name. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and money down the road.

I have seen it so many times, some one goes out and purchases a cheap no name bow, and pays for it down the road. One of my friends from back home broke his go to bow the day before buck season and picked up some cheap bow online the day before.

He paid the ultimate price for this. He had a shot at a dream buck, and missed it because his bow misfired. This is the perfect example of being cheap and paying the price.

You are also going to want to read a lot of compound bow reviews. This is how I find the majority of my new bows. I go on some of the major compound bow reviews websites, and see what they are using.

By using this method, I have found countless bows that I never would have considered. It has also saved me before because I ended up not purchasing a compound bow that I thought was quality, but ended up being a miserable experience for people who had used it and left reviews.

These are just some of my tips for this season. These are the two biggest things in my eyes. If you pick a bow that has a good brand name and excellent reviews, you will easily be able to find the best compound bow for you this season.

Three Important Benefits of Hunting Insurance

White-tailed Deer

If you own land with a fairly strong population of game desirable to hunters, chances are you have hunters using your land even if you have not officially authorized it. What would happen if one of those hunters or a neighbor were injured as the result of a hunting accident? Alternatively, how would you pay the cost of rehabilitating your land if an unauthorized hunter accidentally started a fire? The answer to both questions is simple: hunting insurance.

Landowners all across the United States take advantage of something known as hunting lease liability insurance. It is a type of insurance that is usually priced according to acreage and the types of game that will be hunted there. Best of all, hunting insurance is very affordable. You can get coverage for several hundred acres for less than you pay for car insurance.

If you own land used by hunters, here are the three most important benefits of obtaining an insurance policy:

1. Liability Protection

It is unfortunate, but our highly litigious society makes it easy for hunters and their guests to sue landowners in the event of accident. There is also the potential of being sued by neighbors if hunters using your land trespass, cause property damage or injure others. And make no mistake about it; liability litigation can end up costing you millions. Without insurance in place, you could lose everything you own – including the land on which the accident took place.

The liability protection afforded by hunting insurance covers bodily injury claims, usually up to the limits of $1 million. It also provides protection against damage to neighboring properties, lost or damaged hunting equipment, weather-related accidents, and other forms of peril.

2. Easier to Lease

Some landowners choose to lease their private lands without a hunting lease liability insurance policy. Some offer leases without worrying about any form of insurance, while others require hunters to carry their own personal injury and property damage coverage. However, purchasing hunting lease insurance has an added benefit in that it makes it easier for the landowner to lease his/her property.

Put yourself in the shoes of the hunter. That individual will be more comfortable hunting on a plot of land that he/she knows is covered by liability insurance. Whether he/she has personal insurance or is covered through a homeowner’s policy, the additional insurance purchased by the landowner offers yet another layer of protection. That is a selling point for getting your land leased.

3. Better Land Management

Every landowner has the right to control his or her property by specifying terms in the lease. Nevertheless, covering a piece of property with hunting lease liability insurance makes it easier to manage and control the land. For example, an insurance policy may only cover a certain number of hunters within a confined amount of acreage, at any given time. The landowner can specify that in the lease terms while also informing the lessee of the limits of the liability insurance. Knowing insurance does not cover parties in excess of size limits serves as motivation for the hunter to limit his/her parties.

Hunting lease liability insurance is almost a necessity if you own land that you lease to hunters. There are just too many risks involved in the sport to leave things to chance. You can purchase hunting insurance as part of your membership in a hunting association that offers such a benefit, or from a specialist insurance company offering policies for landowners like Before you offer another lease, look into covering yourself and your land with hunting lease liability insurance.

Trout Fishing Using Inline Spin Lures

Article By Jon Barzacchini on behalf of Ultimate Fishing (


Inline spinners have been in the fishing game for decades and have been a popular lure choice for most anglers who are targeting aggressive game fish species. Even beginners who are looking to switch from live bait to artificial lures tend to lean towards inline spin lures because they just flat out catch fish. Not only are inline spinners a great beginner tool for novice anglers but they are extremely versatile lures for even the experienced anglers.

There is something about the vibration and the flash of inline spinner that send fish into a feeding frenzy. While most game fish species favour the look and action of an inline spinner rainbow trout seem to fancy the lure the most. Although the inline spinner can be considered a beginner lure there is some skill and finesse required to use this lure so that it can be fished at its full potential.

Choosing the right size, weight, colour, and brand is the most important decision to make before an angler can even think about throwing an inline spinner into a trout infested pool. These four factors play a huge role when attempting to land a rainbow. An example of inexpensive brand of inline spinners that flat out catch fish are the Blue Fox Super Vibrax. The durability and blade thumping action of a Vibrax is superb for a lure at such a great price point.

The Vibrax and similar style trout spin lures can be found at most fishing stores, including local tackle shops, and come in a plethora of weights, colours and sizes.

It’s important to choose the right spin lure for the appropriate conditions. If the trout are feeding deeper in water ranging from 5ft.-9ft. choose a 1/4oz / 7g spin lure. The heavier the lure the faster it will sink near bottom and stay in the strike zone of the trout. If an angler chooses to fish a shallow creek or stream where the water is a mere 1ft-4ft deep a 1/8oz / 3.5g spin lure is the ideal weight to throw because it is significantly lighter and can be worked at a reasonable pace without getting snagged.

The Blue Fox Vibrax is a fairly simple and straight forward lure to use, especially for beginner anglers. The best way to work this style of spinner is to reel the lure in with a steady pace. The water depth will dictate how fast or slow the lure should be retrieved. The deeper the water the slower the retrieve, but the shallower the water the faster the angler must retrieve to keep the lure from hitting the bottom. Retrieve is also strongly based on how active the fish are; if it is a hot summer day and the trout are lethargic a slow retrieve is necessary to coax a bite. If the water temperature is cold a faster retrieve should be used because the trout will most likely be feeding heavily.

The least significant, but still important, factor to fishing a spin lure is choosing a colour the works best. A simple way to make sure a colour works is to see if the colour of the spin blade matches the pattern of the minnows that the trout are eating. Most spin lures are designed to imitate a bait fish or minnows, so picking a lure that matches the same colour pattern of the trout forage can be a deciding factor as to whether or not an angler will catch a fish.

Whether a trout angler is a beginner or experienced they should always take these tips into consideration when choosing to throw the right inline spinner. Overcome factors such as weather, water depth, and fish activity by throwing the correct style of inline spinner, while using these lure specific tactics to bring more fish on shore or into the boat.

Australian Castaways. Bait fishing for introduced European Species in Victoria.

Popular European fish have been introduced to the south eastern states of Australia for over 100 years, and their numbers are now very large within New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) and Victoria.

European Carp


Loved by many fishermen in the UK, although mostly disliked in Australia.

The European Carp was introduced illegally into Australian rivers, while their presence was known for a long time, large scale migrations of european carp only occurred in the mid to late 1960s. They now populate at least 60% of all south eastern waterways. Although most grow to around 40cm and 4kg, the odd 8 to 12kg monster lurks in a few waterbodies around New South Wales and Victoria.

A starting point for anyone visiting Melbourne’s CBD is Albert Park Lake. This lake was originally swampland in settlement days and was later bricked up and turned into a partially man made lake.This location is well known with europeans as the place of the Australian Grand Prix.

Big carp (by Australian standards) around 60cm in length can be found throughout the lake, with a few larger specimens lurking if you can track them down.The main open sections of the lake provide a leisurely fishing experience for Carp, along with trout and yellowbelly (Australian Native Perch).

If you happen to catch a Yellowbelly / Golden Perch, the legal size in Victoria is currently 30cm, anything below this size must be returned to the water unharmed. You are also only allowed to keep up to 10 fish above 30cm.

There is no restrictions on trout catch limits or sizes, however European Carp is declared a noxious species in Australia, they are not allowed to be returned to the water alive, so any carp caught in Australia will need to be killed and disposed of. You can keep the carp to eat if you wish.

If you are after quick carp action when visiting Albert Park, head to the shallow divided sections off lakeside drive, these areas have been partially closed off and reeds grow out of the water here, however there is a few decent open spaces in which to place some bait. Large carp in these areas have spawned and due to their size, have difficulty finding their way back into the main lake, making them sitting ducks for bait fishermen.

They normally sit on the bottom without moving most of the time, or slowly cruising around for food. Some have got so large they even readily take fishing lures, however a large worm or a boilie (boilies are rarely used in Australia, so you will need to make your own) will bring in the carp one after another.

Keep in mind when fishing in Australia, you will require a fishing permit (licence), available from most fishing tackle shops at a very low cost.

Another well known area for large carp in Melbourne’s suburban area is Coburg Lake, with a recent catch of 12.3kg sighted and verified during a carp culling event.

European “Redfin” Perch

europeanredfinperchA well loved pest species, native to and very common in Europe, easy to find in Australia.

Redfin was introduced to the Murray Darling system in the late 1800’s, imported from England, most redfin stock in mainland Australia came from 7 original parent fish from Ballarat, Victoria.

The redfin perch is infamous in Ballarat, where their central lake known as Lake Wendouree produced the first breeding stock. Large redfin can still be found in this lake today, even though the lake has run completely dry for a substantial period of time. It has since recovered miraculously and is back to it’s original condition before the drought. Redfin of all sizes can be taken using large scrub worms, available from most tackle shops, along with large brown trout being a common catch also.

Trout is mainly caught by locals using what is known as “mud-eyes”, these are the developing larvae of dragonflies, when small they look like a little 1cm tear shaped organism but can develop almost fully with 6 legs at the front, 2 large circular eyes and a very large slightly slim body.

As the lake is thickly covered entirely with weeds, the trout and redfin tend to float along near the top looking for a quick meal, they however rarely come within 5 meters of the shoreline, so casting some distance helps.

Mudeye fishing requires a very high quality spin rod, with a very fine lightweight line. The insect larvae is not very heavy, so it takes a bit of skill to fish with them.

Using a kayak if you can get hold of one will solve many problems, as you won’t need to cast as far, and will cover more ground. At Lake Wendouree you will definitely catch more fishing using a yak than fishing lakeside.

If you can’t get hold of a kayak and are going to be lakeside fishing, you can’t go past very large scrub worms, all fish in the lake will quickly eat them up and you will likely get very good results.

Casting a fair distance is critical, and if the lake is rough mudeyes will be of little use to you, so with large worms on a sinker being a quick lure for redfin and a known meal for trout you can’t go wrong.

For more details on fishing in Australia, please visit the authors website “Ultimate Fishing” at